Thursday, September 2, 2010

Subject Versus Technique

Thanks to Slinkyspiral for the thought provoking comment on my previous post, some interesting points are raised, it's worth a read.

A last word (for now), on the matter of subject versus technique comes from the fascinating watercolour artist, Barbara Nechis who has perfected a dramatic wet-in-wet approach to watercolour painting:
"Content and technique go hand in hand.  One without the other produces either sloppy work or sloppy thought.  Many good ideas have been ruined by limited technical facility, much of it through omission rather than lack of ability.  The viewer of the painting should concentrate on the idea rather than the technique.  The technique must therefore be flawless or it will get in the way of content."

Look out for future posts where I discuss strategies on how to come up with good ideas, and then how to turn these into good paintings.

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