Friday, September 3, 2010

30 Reasons Why I carry a Sketchbook

  1. It makes me feel like an artist
  2. I can doodle in it while I talk on the phone
  3. I always have paper with me to jot down a thought or idea (or a phone number)
  4. If I do some quick scribbles every day, eventually they add up to a lot of scribbles
  5. I need something to do when my other half decides to fill up with petrol when I am in the car
  6. I can look at it when I am eating out by myself and seem busy
  7. Its easier to experiment in my sketchbook than in a drawing or painting
  8. Having a sketchbook nearby, reminds me to use it
  9. It keeps the creative juices flowing
  10. It catches thoughts and ideas that I may otherwise forget
  11. I can let myself draw badly in my sketchbook
  12. I can let myself draw in blue pen in my sketchbook
  13. I carry a sketchbook, because I love to start new ones
  14. I also love to finish them
  15. I get ideas from looking through old sketchbooks
  16. My sketchbooks remind me of how far I have come on my artistic journey
  17. They remind me of places that I have been to
  18. I like to see how my style has changed over the years (or stayed the same)
  19. I love notebooks
  20. I like to make notes when I am think about something
  21. I do thumbnail sketches of painting ideas in my sketchbooks
  22. If I don’t write it down, I might forget it
  23. Sketchbooks are good for boring meetings and lectures – I can fill several pages at one of these
  24. Carrying a sketchbook makes other people think I am an artist
  25. Doodling helps me think and listen better
  26. Doodling helps me come up with ideas
  27. There’s always something in my sketchbook that I can turn into a painting
  28. I can be angry or miserable or sorry for myself in my sketchbook
  29. I can be myself in my sketchbook
  30. I don’t have to finish anything in my sketchbook – I can start something over and over again

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