Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Place to Work

Every creative person needs a physical workspace.  Not every artist has the luxury of a studio, but everyone can find a corner to make their own.

I have a 'studio' - a store room at the back of our garage - it's hot, narrow and dark, perfect for storage, but not good for painting.  I keep my paints there, ready to go, and then set up in the garage with the door open when I am painting.

I have a $5 portable card table (a junk shop find) that I use as a painting table - it's the perfect size, its legs fold away for easy storage and its very light.  It's my favourite piece of equipment.

Painting equipment in the storage room, ready to go.

My portable painting table set up in the garage

And here is me painting in the garage.  It really is no trouble to set up and pack away after each working session - but you do need to be organised, or you may spend all of your time running to fetch something .

This is me painting in the garage - the light is good when the doors are open.

I do a lot of reading and writing about art, and I collect articles and clippings and scraps of paper that I constantly refer to.  I feel happiest when all of my paperwork is close at hand.  Here is my desk, It's near the computer, in the study, right next to the kitchen.  I can quickly grab something to read or jot something down in the middle of making dinner.  This is my 'think tank', the nerve centre of my creative life.  (It is not normally this tidy - I have recently done a clean out.)

The think tank - all my note books, sketch books, books that I am reading etc.


This is what it looks like when I am working - I spread out all my things on the study table and work in a rather messy way.  Because I have to share the study with my family, I pack all of this up when I am finished, and it goes into the storage boxes on my desk.

What all my notes and books look like when I am working

When you have chosen the environment that works for you, and made it your own, you have cleared the first hurdle, you are ready to begin.

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