Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I HAVE been painting today!

I have been working on the step-by-step watercolour painting today, and have taken pictures at all stages.  It is going well, but I need to wait for daylight to continue.  I hope to have it up for you tomorrow - Brisbane time.

Watch this space!

In the meantime, while doing a little research about gum arabic this afternoon, I came across this great Watercolour site:  Ask Susie - Watercolor Q & A.  where you can post questions about watercolour painting.  She also has some other blogs - take a look!

I was also reading about an artist who uses gum arabic for glazing with watercolour, and found his site.  Click on this link: Eric Christensen - to see the brilliant colours he gets with water paints. I was fascinated to see that he seems to have found himself a niche market painting wine!!

Off the topic of watercolour, but a good read, look at Coach Yourself through the difficulty of Creating, by Cynthia Morris - some excellent advice.

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