Monday, October 11, 2010

Day in the Life of a Real Artist

  • Pouring with rain. My studio has a leak.
  • Hubby is away at a conference.
  • 8 year old discovered a hole in the sole of her school shoe - had to wear others and take a note.
  • Best friend Judy came to paint last night - both of us worn out - had a chin-wag instead.
  • House goes up for Sale by Auction this Saturday.
  • Hope prospective buyers like the 'soggy-lawn-muddy-tiles-look'.
  • Hubby has left his phone charger at home - phone calls are very brief.
  • Came up with a great painting idea  - took great photos.
  • Discovered that Hubby has taken the camera 'link-to-the-computer-thing' instead of his phone charger. I can't download my photos.
  • Took paints out to work while baby had nap.
  • Baby napped for 40 minutes instead of 2 hours.
  • Put paints away with baby on hip.
  • Cold and rainy - baby grumpy all day. 
  • 8 year old had swimming this afternoon - lucky pool is indoors.
  • Prospective buyers through the house at 'bath-the-baby-and-feed-the-eight-year-old-time'. MacDonalds for dinner.
  • Couldn't find my sketchbook all day.
  • Found it in the studio - wet.
  • It's my birthday tomorrow - There'd better be cake!

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